Best way to monitor Hyper-V Systems

Remote monitoring utility for Hyper-V systems, get information data wherever you are. Design for primary-replica configuration.



You can always know health of systems, hosts and virtual machine using web interface.


A client software monitor hosts and vm send information to web console.


Recieve alerts if systems are not synchronized or hosts or vm are not in correct status.


Hyper monitor helps you to take all systems under control, check replication and systems status.
With Microsoft Hyper-V Replica, one can replicate a virtual machine from one location to another simple utilizing Hyper-V and a network connection.
Hyper-V Replica is an asynchronous, virtual machine replication technology designed for business continuity and disaster recovery.
In case of disaster and primary virtual machines or hosts, you can use the replica to restart and continue functionality in very little bit time without losing informations and functionality.
How create a Virtual Machine Replication See Microsoft reference


Client software collects several informations about hosts and vm and let you take control of whole systems. With web console you can remote monitor all systems, and receive alerts if systems go down or the replication of virtual machines are not synchronized.

Hyper-V technology is more cheaper than other virtualization technology, like VMWare, that have native a failover system to avoid disaster situation. This utility is designed for monitoring a lot of customer's infrastructure of systems integrator company or small/medium company that want to monitor our system.

Access to DEMO AREA!

You can access and test features by accessing the demo area. The data will be re-created at each access.

Get a FREE account!

The free account is only limited for 2 systems. After created new account you must register your systems and generate trasmissions ID from your personal area.
Write to info [email protected] to get your free account.

Management console

If you have already registered, login to management console to monitor your systems.